Product Care

Aé-Teē pieces are precious-metal plated and feature Swarovski crystal elements, fancy crystals, costume pearls, semi precious stones and enamel finishing. Aé-Teē jewels are plated with 18-22 carat yellow gold. Silver, imitation rhodium and hematite plating are available on request in all the styles. The colours and styles will vary between the different collections and designs, but each piece is produced following a premium standard of production.

We recommend :-
– never wearing your jewels whilst showering or swimming
– storing the pieces away from heat and sunlight, preferably in a fabric lined box or protective pouch to avoid damage from scratching.
– Perfumes, dust and every day wear will all take their toll on your Aé-Teē jewels, so try to keep contact with cosmetics, lotions and any other potions down to a minimum.
– Gemstones and precious metals can naturally diminish over time, but with the proper love and care your Aé-Teē pieces will remain beautiful for years to come.