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Ankita Tewari

Creator of cool stuff

About the Designer

AéTeē Began as a passion project for Ankita Tewari , a self taught jewellery designer who launched the brand in February 2014. After graduating in Fashion Design from NIFT, Ankita started making handmade jewellery for herself and immediately found a large audience resulting in her launching her own label. 

Her father Mr Ravi Kant Tewari has been her biggest inspiration, he is an ardent jewellery enthusiast and collector. He grew up watching some of India’s finest craftsmen create heirloom pieces in his ancestral home. Growing up seeing the most unique jewellery collection for of all these years always drew Ankita towards the art of jewellery making. 

Ankita’s design sensibility is  deeply rooted in the Indian culture and yet very contemporary. An ardent traveller, she draws inspiration from her various travel influences combining them with her Indian sensibilities resulting in breathtaking pieces cherished by one and all.


True to its roots, AeTee as a brand represent India at its core. We have always been Inspired by the rich art and culture of our country teamed with the age old techniques of craftsmanship. At Aetee we always aspires to deliver unique and alluring pieces of art reflecting the modern India of today. Our designs are a unique amalgamation of classic yet modern pieces with a twist. They are simple yet edgy, classic yet trendy and are extremely fashionable and elegant enough to withstand time. All our jewels are gold plated and handmade with love in India with the finest of raw materials sourced from all across the country.


We at Aetee take our craftsmanship very seriously. Each piece made in our atelier , honours the centuries old Indian artistry. All our pieces are Handmade in our studio and each and every piece of jewellery is a result of the mastery of our skilled craftsman’s technical competence ,keen attention to detail and their love for their art.

An amalgamation of exotic crystals , beads , sourced far and wide from all around the world forms the basis of Aetee’s creations. We at AéTeē have always aspired to achieve mastery in every aspect of creation and provide women around the world with jewellery of the best quality.